Wellbeing for your colleagues or students

We can all feel energy. 

We have all been in a room and "felt" tension or friction. Think of the phrase "you could cut the atmosphere with a knife", and conversely, we have all felt atmosphere and energy that seemed light and the vibe was just comforting or relaxing. 

There is something that is known as "the ripple effect" in relation to meditation. This is when another persons energy ripples out and positively affects everyone that they interact with. 

A regular meditation practice helps a person to move into a responsive state as opposed to a reactive state & this can have a tremendous impact on your colleagues, creative output & sense of harmony within the workplace.

More & more people are feeling overwhelmed & stressed. The benefits of regular breathing/meditation sessions may help alleivate this. If your colleagues or students are taking time off for stress or anxiety related issues or you simply wish to cultivate a more caring & relaxed environment then please get in touch.