Please bare with me...I am in the middle of huge changes as I move to Colorado, my website is currently being updated & worked on.

All of the pathways you will find here can guide you back home to your authentic self.

When you feel at with home with yourself, you experience a deep sense of peace, connection, you feel grounded & resilient.

We can spend way too much time in our heads, leading to a feeling of disconnect & separation.

The practices offered here will align the mind, body & soul & that sense of separation fades away. The practices I offer can transform your energy and help to back into alighnment. 

Find what you need.. whether you you simply need to move & open your body, shift blocked energy , listen to a guided meditation to take you into a deep state of relaxation or maybe book a 1.2.1 coaching session with me or recieve your personal mantra (read more about this on my Meditation page). 

The resources available to you are beautiful practices I have shared over the last 2 decades of teaching. 

Have a look at what I offer & please reach out to me if you have any questions. 

"I find the style of yoga taught by Debs very achievable and suitable for all levels of ability. Yoga gives me total mind and body relaxation. I have noticed an increase in upper body strength and overall flexibility. I find I use my yoga practice throughout the day during stressful situations and even when gardening engaging my core, etc. I would and have recommended Debs' classes to friends who have also benefited from yoga." - Anne