Crystal Bowl Sound Baths

"I felt  massaged by the energy swirling around me, I didn't want it to end" 

"I don't relax very easily so this has blown me away"

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a full-body immersive experience in which you are “bathed” in beautiful resonant sounds & vibrations that sooth & calm the whole body & mind.

During a sound bath, many instruments can be played from gongs to bells, tuning forks & singing bowls, drums & didgeridoos. My preference is to use crystal singing bowls & Koshi wind chimes. It’s important to find the right sound bath for you & which instruments & sounds resonate with you the most.

So, what are the benefits?

By allowing the body to reach states of deep rest you may find a sense of rejuvenation that may  enhance your life in so many ways.

Alleviate tension & improves sleep.

The brain waves move from beta to alpha and theta & thus able to reach states similar to those achieved in meditation.

Releases blocked and stagnant energy.


What to expect/what do I bring?

Please ensure you are fully hydrated before joining (we are 70% water & sound waves travel better through water)

If you are receiving a 1.2.1 in my home, feel free to bring your favourite cushion and/or blanket but I can provide this.

You can experience your sound bath seated or lying down.

If you are in a group sound bath then please bring a yoga mat/cushion/blanket & there will also be chairs available if that is your preference.

Your comfort & warmth are important.

I begin the sessions with guided breathing & full body awareness meditation & I bring the session to a close by gently grounding you back into your surroundings. There will be no rushing.

The sessions are designed for you to experience deep rest. Some people like to set an intention before they start & that may also be something you wish to do.

There is no way of “doing it wrong”…. you may fall asleep, you may remain present throughout, you may feel as though you are experiencing a meditative state or a profound state of peace.

Your experience will be unique are you are x

Who is it not suitable for?

Sound Baths are not suitable for anyone with a metal implant or pacemaker or is in the first trimester of pregnancy & anyone that is highly sensitive to sound.

Feedback so far..

“I felt totally peaceful & relaxed”    “I felt almost massaged by the energy swirling around me”

“Deborah’s voice guiding me, was so comforting & re-assuring” 

“I have never felt anything like it, I was blown away”


For a 1 hour 1.2.1 Sound Bath *£35 (held in my snug)

*Price will be more if it's held at your home.

For smaller private groups - please get in touch 

For larger group Sound Baths *£15

*please note this may vary due to location costs & travel.