Affirmations & Crystals to Sooth Anxiety on your Wedding Day

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When you feel your nerves are spiralling and you just need 5 minutes to find your zen, here are 3 crystals (Ameythst, Rose Quartz & Moonstone ) and beautiful affirmations that will guide you back to YOU, so you feel grounded, at ease & are able to truly enjoy & appreciate every single part of your day.

Choose the crystal that you are most attracted to, trust your intuition as you will be naturally drawn to a particular crystal. Once you have chosen your crystal, wash it & let it dry in the sunlight or moonlight.

Find a quiet space in your home, & simply become aware of your breath, aware of the energy of your chosen crystal as you hold it in your hand. Sit comfortably without any distractions (phone) and feel your breath moving through your body, feel that your beautiful belly is soft & relaxed.

If you were drawn to Ameythst – this beautiful purple crystal is connected to your intuition & wisdom & is a beautiful crystal that helps to bring clarity & peace.

Mantras to use while holding Ameythst

I listen to my intuition “

“I trust my intuition”

“feeling peaceful is my super power”

“I feel grounded & calm”

 If you are drawn to Rose Quartz – this stunning pink crystal is deeply connected to the heart, forgiveness & compassion.

 Mantras to use while holding your Rose Quartz

I am enough”

“I release all my fears”

“I forgive my inner critic”

“I deeply love myself”

 If you are drawn to Moonstone – this crystal is connected to inner strength & growth & promotes calmness & soothes away anxiety.

Mantras to use while holding your Moonstone

I can move forwards with peace”

“ I am calm & peaceful”

“ I feel at ease & supported”

 Once you have meditated with your crystal a few times, the key is to keep it with you so when you hold it again, you feel anchored to the emotions & mantras that you have ingrained into it, you feel the connection between you, your crystal & the power of your words & you can enjoy your amazing day.