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My top tips for a developing a deeper sleep.

I'm not going to discuss sleep & how important it is as we all know this. Instead lets getting straight to it. 

Also, know that I feel your pain... many years ago I had bouts of insomnia & even now I need things to be a "certain way" for me to drift off & I've had countless of those  "3/4am wide awake" nights. It's horrible.

So let's get to the good stuff...  

Firstly, try to ensure that you begin winding down before your head touches the pillow.

Try not to drink anything late into the evening - we all know that alcohol initially relaxes you yet is actually a stimulant but aside from this, your bladder will very happily wake you up at 3/4 am ruining what could have been a great sleep.

Make sure your phone is on silent during the evening & try not to use it an hour before bedtime & avoid bringing into the bedroom if you can & if you have to place it far away from your bed.

Be mindful of the TV you watch before you go to sleep,  I avoid watching anything heavy or disturbing late evening & prefer light hearted comedy.

Find a lovely podcast or audio books & play at a low volume to help you to drift & to distract you from busy thoughts.

Use a bedtime sleep mist.

Try keeping a notebook/journal close at hand & if you sense that your head is buzzing allow it to flow out onto the pages, this form of expression allows you to release & can be as therapeutic (if not more) as a talking to a good friend.

Recapitulate your day. Simply take yourself back to the start of your day and find 15/20 points during your day that take you back to where you are now. Recapitulate, without any judgement, just observe yourself like you are watching a character in a film.

Now go to your face… start around your eyebrows and feel them drop, go down to your eyes, allow the muscles behind them to fully release & (this is the important bit) let your eyes roll towards your cheeks. Finish with dropping tension from your jaw, allowing the mouth to open slightly…

Notice your breath & for a few minutes start to slow it down, counting it silently

Inhale 1..2..3 & exhale 1..2..3..4..5..

Then… add in a gentle pause after the inhale & begin to feel as though your exhales are taking you into a beautiful, restful state, deeper & deeper....

Don’t overthink it, you will find that as you begin to drift off, your breathing will drop into its natural rhythm again.

I feel I need to add here the relief I have found from CBD oil. 

After a recent episode of absolutely non-existant sleep I found CBD oil to be extremely effective. On another interesting side-note it also helped me with inflammation pain so I will be sticking with it.

I am not sponsored by any brand at all but one I have found to help me sofar is


Let me know if any of the above help.

Night night xx