Live Yoga Sessions

Join me live, from my home to yours as we practice together online.

Feel energised, inspired  yet grounded & calm & enjoy all that yoga, breathing & meditation offers you straight to your home.

My classes are live and easy to access via zoom. I have been running Yoga sessions via zoom since March, it is a great platform and very easy to join a session. I also have a guide that my techno geek husband put together that I will send you should you need some assistance.

Each session is £6 & is 60 minutes and you can book online right here.

Simply use the drop down list below and select the session(s) you would like to join by adding them to the paypal cart and continue with the purchase through paypal. 

I will be notified immediately and you're all set, it's that simple.

What happends next is that I will send you a Zoom link direct to your Inbox (the email address of the paypal account used) 15 minutes before the start of the session. Then all you need to do is click on the link in the email (you may need to download and install a small file which is the zoom app, dont panic, it's very quick and easy), from there you'll then be added to my Zoom meeting and i'll take it from there. 

(Please note, the merchant name on your paypal payment will be noted as KulaKarmaBox, no worries here, it is how my email is linked to my other passion, aside from yoga is the recently founded KulaKarmabox,  a yoga-inspired selfcare/wellness giftbox delivered straight to your door)

Select a class below on the day and time that suits you and click Add To Cart

A little more about the sessions...

 Monday & Saturday Flow 

In these sessions we begin with energising pranayama (breathing techniques) to awaken the mind. We then move through joint freeing movements to warm the body up before easing into variations of Sun Salutations blended with stronger, dynamic asanas to build strength & flexibility. We will move with our breath & these sessions will  leave you energised & full of vitality. 

Tues/Weds/Thur/Fri Sessions

These sessions are more classical in style. We start by observing the breath & developing the yogic breath. You will experience various styles of pranayama & learn how the breath can be used to calm , ground & connect you back

These sessions will give you the time to understand how your body feels in a posture & you will build both strength & flexibility within your body. Release & let go of tension & stress from deep in your muscles leaving you ready for a beautiful meditation & short relaxation.

Please note - non of my sessions are prescriptive. If you need to ease out of a posture or if you wish to sit & breath, know that all of this is ok. Through my sessions I hope that you can learn about your body so you make wise choices & build a positve relationship with it.